Turf & Lawn Installations Glasgow

Artificial Grass in Glasgow

Value can be added to your home by improving its visual aspect. One thing that folks in Glasgow have in common is the pride they take in maintaining their lawns. The idea of having rich, green grass on your lawn is the dream of every person.  Artificial grass in Glasgow is the easy gateway for that dream. The age old question is, are artificial lawns as good as the real lawns? Would you swap labor-intensive lawn for an artificial one?

There are hundreds of companies supplying and installing artificial grass in the surrounding areas of Glasgow. This booming business is aided by the need of its customers. More people are switching towards the artificial or fake grass. So let us consider all the options of why having artificial grass or fake grass in your home is beneficial both economically and socially.

Real Turf Laying Service

Our experienced teams of fully trained operators provide a fast and efficient lawn turf laying service. Using the latest equipment, the perfect bedding surface for turf laying can be quickly manufactured with minimum of disruption.

View or gallery of projects where you can see our teams in action along with the final results.

After Care

Our team will advise you on how to look after your newly laid turf but here are some essential things you need to do/know.

Water your lawn within half an hour of it being laid. Water to ensure the ground below the turf is moist up to a depth of at least 4 inches. The amount of water needed to achieve this is approximately equivalent to about 1 inch of rain.
It is essential that newly laid turf is not allowed to dry out and the ground below the turf is kept moist. Water regularly until it has established fully which will be in approximately 4 – 5 weeks.

Where possible avoid walking on newly laid turf until it has established.