Garden Metal Fencing

Garden Metal Fencing Glasgow

Decorative steel has a very sophisticated and stately look. Ornamental iron can really enhance the boundaries of your home in addition to making a strong visual statement. Cast iron fencing can be found on many older buildings, proving that with the some care and maintenance, it can outlast almost any type of fencing material in existence.

Long Lifespan

This type of steel fence is a heavy duty metal that holds up incredibly well in all types of adverse weather conditions unlike board on board wood fences that require more care. High winds will virtually have no effect on metal fencing aside from a direct impact from flying debris. Not only that, but it provides security and an excellent protective barrier for buildings and properties. Most good fencing companies will recommend that it be placed on level ground or in a retaining wall to ensure a secure and even placement.
Depending on local building consent for installing fences, a decorative wrought iron fence can be custom built to above average heights and the posts may be spiraled or have spear tops, making it visually appealing while preventing intruders from making a successful attempt at scaling it. Hardened steel also has such an imposing look that it can serve as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.