Automated Gates

Automatic Gates Glasgow

A new automatic gate can truly change the look of your home or business. Whether you choose the beauty and safety of an iron automated driveway gate or the privacy and style of a motorised metal/wooden swing gate.
Our professional team of installation contractors will help you choose the convenient elegant gate that will change the way you or others use your home or business gate system. Call us on 01418828272 and get a free no obligation quote.

Automatic Gates Repair Service

Automatic Gates Glasgow can be convenient when in its proper condition and function properly. Automatic gates can take a beating, however, in some cases, repair is needed. There are a number of reasons your automatic gate can need repairs such as stuck rollers, sensor problems, and gear problems. We have technicians that will come and repair your gate quickly and properly. Our professionals have years of experience in their field so you are guaranteed to receive excellent customer care at electric gate repair service in glasgow

Types of Glasgow automatic gates repairs
There are many parts that may need repair in your automatic gate, our technicians can repair them all, but some of these parts that may need servicing or repair in your automatic gate include:

Sliders (Electrical Sliding Gates)
A slider operator is most used where space outside the property line is limited to ensure the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall it is connected to. Slider gate openers come in a variety of sizes from heavy duty to light depending on the entrance, weight, and how many times you open and close your gate a day. The fact that the features and benefits are identical makes selecting an operator simple. The gate slider you choose will be based on the requirements of the job and our professional team of gate repair and replacement technicians will help you along the process of choosing to make sure you choose the right one for your gate job.

Swingers (Automatic Swing Gates)
A swinger is most commonly uses when a gate is combined with one or more doors opening inward or outward away from the wall. Swingers have changed over the years to accommodate today’s heavy-duty applications and the need to provide clients with durability, silent operation, and security. Call us at 01418828272 now so we can help you decide if a swinger is right for you.

Motorised Overhead Gates
Overhead operators are most used in situations of high traffic such as apartments and commercial buildings. Gate overhead openers range from light to heavy-duty. The one you choose depends on weight, entrance, and the number of times you open or close your gate.

New Automatic Gates Glasgow Installation
You look at your home or business and notice something is missing. It is missing that wow factor to draw eyes to your home or customers to your business. So, you decide your home or business needs a new gate to make it stand out among the competition or the neighborhood surrounding it. Your only problem is you don’t know where to start. Well, worry no more.

Automated Iron gates
If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your property, wrought iron gates are the way to go. Iron gates add a sense of safety and privacy to your home. Our iron gates are crafted from industrial hot dipped galvanised steel. It is then powder coated for longevity and durability.

Contemporary Gates with Silent Motors
Contemporary gates can add a vintage or rustic look, or ultra modernised look to your home or business. Our trusted professional designers will help your look through and choose from our wide selection of contemporary gate options that will match your individual style and preference.

Electric Security Gates
Steel Folding Security Gates are used most often on industrial and commercial properties. However, many homeowners opt for them as well because they provide a sense of security, and ventilation.