closed panel gates

Timber/metal Driveway Gates have many different styles and options.  Driveway Gate

Depending on the purpose of the gate will influence the type of driveway gate required.  If security and privacy are two key principles of the gate then a close-board gate is the option.  Close-board gates will stop any passers by from peering down a driveway and at the same time not take anything away from the drive or entrance.

Close-board gates come in standard styles and are also available in some very popular unique variations.

The alternative variations are the Railing Panel and the Cathedral Style Courtyard / Driveway gates that combine metal and wood to great effect.

Timber/metal sliding gates are very similar to our top quality courtyard driveway gates but as their name states they slide to open.  Supplied as manual opening but for large gates we recommend automation.  Two options are available, Cantilevered (gates without a track) or gates with a track.

If privacy is not so much of an issue but security and access are important factors then either a traditional entrance gate or a uni gate are the options.